Last week our blog visited the GoodwillNyNj Contract Shop at our Headquarters (complete with Vincent’s brilliant smile) – today we’re going taking you one step further into our Goodwill Tour with Goodwill Industries International spokesperson and Clutter Diet founder Lorie Marrero to the one, the only: the GoodwillNyNj Donated Goods Processing Center. Take a look!

GoodwillNyNj's Director of Production Victoria Nikci and Clutter Diet's Lorie Marrero show off the bales of donated goods destined for repurposing.

Yesterday was Earth Day, and if you donated to Goodwill this past week/month/year, you’ve helped Mama Earth. In 2011 alone, GoodwillNyNj kept more than 60 million pounds of usable clothing and household goods out of landfills. How? A smart combination of resale (for the best donations) and re-purposing (for the damaged goods).

GoodwillNyNj is so much more than just stores – but the Processing Center is a very fun place to spend time if you’re a thrift fashion fan. Here is where donated items are sorted, the repurposed materials are packed together into techinicolor bales, the resellable items organized and shipped out. Something’s always happening here. In fact, even we were surprised by the newest development: gift baskets!

Take a look at the Processing Center's newest idea: handmade made-for-baby gift baskets full of fantastic, never-been-used donated goods.

There was a whole table of these gorgeous gift basics, this season styled especially for new parents and filled with never-been-used donated items like pink and blue bibs, rattles, bottles and more. The ones we saw ranged from $10-30 and are destined for stores all across our region… maybe even delivered by stork. 😉

Please help us keep helping our planet, our community and our fashion-seeking shoppers. Please shop and donate today!

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