At Goodwill NY-NJ, we understand jobs. After all, we’re one of the largest workforce development organizations in the metropolitan area. We place 7 people in jobs each hour of every business day. Our programs generate an extraordinary return on investment. In 2010, the participants we placed earned over $211 million during their first year of employment, saving taxpayers $110 million in public assistance expenses.

In the land of opportunity, it's tougher that ever to find a job. Why - and how can we change this? We're about to find out. (Photo by Emiliano Marin)

Sure, we understand jobs, but when it comes to today’s job market, even we have some questions. Why is it so tough to find a job in New York right now? What can businesses do to make it easier? How can we all find a balance so that the people who want to work and are ready to work are actually given a job and the chance to work?

Today, we’re going to tackle those questions and bring back some answers. Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey hosts its first job forum this morning, “A 360ᵒ on Jobs: Policy, Economy, Training, and Employment,” examining the systemic unemployment in the metropolitan region.

If you won’t be attending, but are still curious about today’s job market, be sure to follow us at @NyNjGoodwill from 8am to 12pm when we’ll be live tweeting the event.

The forum will include a keynote address by Department of Labor Assistant Secretary Jane Oates; an economist’s panel with Dr. Paul Harrington from Drexel University and the Honorable Edward Montgomery from Georgetown University; a civic engagement panel with representatives from JP Morgan Chase, The New York Community Trust, Ford and Kessler Foundations.

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