As promised, today we’re sharing even more about the recent Goodwill Tour with Goodwill Industries International spokesperson and Clutter Diet founder Lorie Marrero. So put on your virtual walking shoes, Goodwill fans – to we’re covering the GoodwillNyNj Contract Shop:

Goodwill is much more than stores – it’s about providing people outside the economic mainstream with the support they need to get back to work, from ESL classes to resume services to summer camp for kids so parents can keep up the good work. But here’s a little known secret – Goodwill creates jobs for such populations. Not just in our stores, but in our Astoria headquarters.

Meet Vincent – Vincent works in the Goodwill Contract Shop. He couldn’t wait to explain his job to us, clearly excited to show off his work. Take a look:

Vincent shows us how its done - all with a fantastic smile, no less.

Vincent’s job involved rolling up the green donation bags that we put out to encourage donations. Maybe you’ve used one? If it looked as crisp and tidy as this, we’re betting it was one of Vincent’s!

Not every job ties back to Goodwill shopping and donating. Keep reading to see more…

Soon we came across a bunch of baby bottles being packaged for a large local company that uses Goodwill for its gift package assembly.

Projects range from flag sewing to cable cutting to baby bottle bagging - you never know what you'll find in the Goodwill Contract Shop... besides amazing people, that is.

You might have seen Goodwill work in your favorite non-thrift store. We have contracts that span the greater metropolitan area, giving our program participants the opportunity to earn an income and begin to support themselves, sometimes for the very first time in their life.

We’re always looking for new businesses to provide contract work for, too, so don’t hesitate to contact us at if your business could use a dose of Goodwill.

Stay tuned for our next post on the Goodwill Tour, where we’ll take you deep into the Sorting Space, complete with a clothing baler, gorgeous (and gorgeously affordable) gift baskets and more…

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