Great news here at Goodwill: Beacon 141 and 109 will not be cut this year! These two incredible youth programs will be able to continue through June 2013.

We did it! Thank you from Beacon 109, Beacon 141, and all of us here at Goodwill!

Not all Beacon programs were so lucky, unfortunately, and you can read the full New York Post article here. However, the GoodwillNyNj-run Beacons are no longer in immediate danger of closing, thanks to your support, the letters you wrote, the petitions you signed.

See – you make a difference. What you read, what you sign, what you write – even where you shop and donate (your purchases, donations, and monetary contributions help fund our programs too, alongside city/state support) – these actions can lead to a safe space for kids, stronger bonds between parents, and think-big opportunities for the next generation full of chess champions, dance captains, film directors, ballerinas, scholars and caring, eco-smart individuals.

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you work at it – thank you again from all of us!

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