Spring has sprung! It’s a time of transformation – you can see proof right outside your window in tree buds and flower blossoms. Why not use nature’s cue to transform your career as well?

Spring is a season of transformation - take the cue and transform your job into the career of your dreams with Goodwill!

Here at your local Goodwill, we have a variety of programs to help New York and New Jersey residents improve their work situation. If you’re a vet, there’s GW Vets and Dislocated Worker Programs at (718) 246-7885; if you’re an underemployed New Yorker, there’s United Way NYCWorks Program at (718) 625-9936; or if you’re just in the market for some smart resume advice, there’s HempsteadWorks Career Center at (516) 485-5000 and www.hempsteadworks.com. For an overview of all our programs, visit: http://www.goodwillny.org/programs_employment.aspx.

And even better, once you get the interview, we have advice on how to seal the deal, get the job, and climb the ladder to success. The Goodtemps blog is a fantastic resource for information on resume tips, interview skills, and first impression must-knows. For example, GoodTemps just shared this piece on Making a Great First Impression via QuintCareers today. Click here for the full read and good luck to all you job searchers out there.

Here’s to Spring, the season of change!

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