GREEN – being green, buying green, and saving green. How are you celebrating green this weekend? Along with our St. Patrick’s Day Sale (click here for details), Goodwill’s celebrating green by continuing to keep roughly 48 million pounds of usable clothing and household goods out of landfills a year, just in Greater New York and Northern New Jersey alone.*

Your choices keep our planet green. Thank you for your support of Goodwill and our many local recycling and reuse endeavors!

In fact, as an international organization, Goodwill Industries International diverts more than two billion pounds of clothing and household goods every year from landfills by recovering the value in people’s unwanted material goods. In the process, we create job-training opportunities as well as entry-level and skilled green-collar jobs for people in need of work.

Here in our region, we’re proud to be one of New York metropolitan area’s original recyclers. We partner with nonprofit and for-profit organizations, government agencies and retailers on area recycling programs. These programs bring the “power of work” to our clients while helping the communities we serve to become more environmentally-friendly.

So how will you go green this St. Patty’s Day? Will it be a donation, a Goodwill gift for a loved one, or something entirely different like planting a tree, teaching your kids how to garden, or taking the bike to work instead of the car? Whatever you choose, we celebrate you and all you do to make a difference and keep our earth happy. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all!


*Number based on 2010 reports.

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