At GoodwillNyNj, we aim to provide local kids with fun, safe, engaging after-school activities. Thanks to our five Beacon programs and your monetary and merchandise donations, we’re able to make good on our goal. You’re making the next generation of scholars, ballerinas, health experts, step champions and humanitarians. In short, you’re making your neighborhood a better place for everyone – just be sure to guard your queen. Take a look:

Introducing the Beacon 141 Chess Club!

For the past two years, Beacon 141 has had a thriving, tournament-winning Chess Club led by Mr. Matthew Demeri. A mathematics teacher at IS 141, Mr. Demeri teaches Middle School students the core essentials of the game along with advanced strategies. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working – the Chess Club already has obtained top positions at numerous competitions throughout the city including last year’s Mayor’s Cup.

This year, the Chess Club has finished 3rd place in the Manhattan and Queens Cups and 2nd place in the Brooklyn Tournament. Seventh grader and second year chess veteran, Ranveer Gill finished 1st place in individual standings at the Manhattan tournament. The Chess Club is every Wednesday from 3pm to 5pm. Citywide tournaments are held on Saturdays.

From all of us here at Where the Goodwill Goes, good luck to the Chess Club! Want to help keep the Chess Club going strong? Consider a quick donation online. Here’s how:

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