February and March are two tough months. The cold weather seems endless, the skies are grey, and staying true to those resolutions is less fun than ever. February and March are also the toughest month for our donations – but we can work together to change this. Together we can perk up winter.

Please donate today - you will make a difference!

We’ll be honest: right now we’re in real need of donations (clothes, electronics, household items, etc.). By now, you know that donations are critical to our programs – what you donate fills our stores, and the proceeds from our stores then funds our programs. All of this means job creation, youth services, veterans events, back-to-work programs, and more. But it all starts with your donations.

Please add a donation trip to your schedule this month. You can drop your donations at any of our stores or donation centers during open hours. Your do-good deed will brighten your life, lighten your clutter load, and help change someone else’s bleak and hungry winter. Together we can do a lot of good – you, your donations, us, and those in need. Together we can make this Spring greener than ever. Thank you!

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