Does your Goodwill matter? Just listen to the stories of the people your support is keeping warm this winter:

For the past three years, New York Cares has donated coats to the Back to Work program, allowing us to give our program participants warmth and comfort while they get their lives back on track. This year, the coats were given out to our Back to Work programs in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn.

Sharmaine Jones, Vice President of Goodwill’s Back to Work program, Bronx site, puts it best: “Stabilizing the lives of program participants is our first priority. Once their basic needs such as housing, food, legal issues, and even professional clothing are met, our staff helps welfare applicants and recipients find employment.”

The Back to Work program is a one-stop employment center that provides job readiness training, placement services and vocational training to New Yorkers applying for or receiving public assistance. Referral by the New York City Human Resources Administration is required. Employment services are shaped according to the background, interests and skills of each individual. They include short-term job search assistance, vocational training, work experience or basic education, offered in a structured and professional environment.

These services are for BTW program participants. If you’d like to receive Goodwill services like these and you meet the requirements of the Back to Work program, you can apply to join. To join BTW, contact your local work center for further information. As a note, BTW serves welfare applicants and recipients only, and an HRA referral is required.

For information on Goodwill Back to Work in the Bronx, please call 646-308-6300. For Goodwill’s other two Back to Work sites, please call (718) 246-4905 for Elm Place in Brooklyn and (718) 433-1695 for Long Island City, Queens.

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