Have you heard about Beacon? They are school-based community centers serving children, youth, and adults. There are currently 80 Beacons located throughout New York City, five of which are operated by the Youth Services Division of Goodwill Industries, including Beacon 10 – and let us tell you, Beacon 10 has been hopping!

Wonder what's cooking at Beacon 10? Read on and find out...

Last month, the Culinary class at Goodwill program Beacon 10 learned about smart nutrition and kicked off the foodie fun with a (very tasty) cooking lesson all about oatmeal.

The Beacon 10 kids are now experts on fueling up with healthy food for the day ahead. Well done, chefs!

Over at Beacon 10’s Civic Engagement class, kids were just as busy, visiting the The Floating Hospital, an organization that has helped over 5 million of NYC’s most fragile families receive comprehensive and compassionate health care services for over 140 years.

The rib bone's connected to the... The Beacon 10 kids know - they put together a skeleton at The Floating Hospital!

Imagine the goodwill these kids are spreading, both back to home at family breakfast and out into the world at large. Your support through shopping and donating makes this possible. From all of us here at Goodwill: thank you.

Do you know someone who might be interested in Beacon? To find the Beacon nearest you, contact the Beacon Unit at 212-788-6754.



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