We’d like you to meet Taj, our Goodwill Student of the Month.

Studious, outgoing, and photogenic? Watch out, world - our newest Goodwill Student of the Month is definitely a triple-threat!

Taj Wellington is eleven-years old and has been a participant in Goodwill’s Afterschool program since the age of four. Taj lives in Goodwill Terrace with his grandmother, grandfather and uncle. He hopes to become either a doctor or a lawyer when he grows up, though he deeply admires his uncle, an aeronautical mechanic for Delta Airlines. Either way, he makes sure to mix work with fun, and tells us he likes to spend his time studying, reading or just hanging with friends.

Taj feels that he is such a great student because he has constant support from his family, Goodwill’s after school program and his school.  One of the biggest reasons Taj thinks he succeeds academically is the fact that his Grandmother gives him a wonderful home life.

He told us getting good grades has also been made easier by Goodwill’s after school program because he always can use the computers to do his assignments and school projects. He also makes sure to add that it’s not all homework  – he loves to hang with his friends, go on trips and do all of the other fun activities that Goodwill’s staff provides daily.

Congratulations, Taj!

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