Congratulations to GoodwillNyNj’s Attendance Improvement Droupout Prevention (AIDP) program for being 1st prize winners in the United Way of New York City 2011 Bridge Walk & Volunteer Festival!

As the GPS-NYC team with the most registered walkers, the team wowed supporters in its size, energy and spirit.

Since its launch, Goodwill’s AIDP program, in collaboration with school staff and administration has ensured the academic success of all AIDP high school students by providing:

  • comprehensive academic support service
  • counseling
  • attendance monitoring
  • extended learning time (ELT)

Goodwill engages families of AIDP students in students’ education and encourages them to become connected to their schools through home visits, emails and conference phone calls. It’s working – as of December 2010, students’ attendance has improved 68.4% as compared to last year. It’s no wonder they took first place in attendance at the UWNYC Bridge Walk this year!

Congratulations, AIDP!

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