Congratulations to Beacon‘s Finest! This all-girls step team from Intermediate School 109 made it into the Daily News last week and into the paper’s citywide Youth Step USA Competition.

Beacon's Finest takes the Daily News...

Take a look at this excerpt and then check out the whole article by clicking here:

Beacon’s Finest, an all-girls team from Intermediate School 109, has been impressing judges thus far with their fancy footwork and crisp choreography. They lead the middle-school division with 20 points.

“We have to step our game up. We’re the team that everyone is chasing,” said Jocintha Gordon-Reece, program director.

… Team captain Taliyah Brisco, 13, said the hours of practicing together have formed a special bond among the girls.“They treat me as if I’m their actual blood sister,” she said. “I have a lot of fun with them.”

For those new to the Goodwill loop, our Beacon programs are school-based community centers serving children, youth, and adults. There are currently 80 Beacons located throughout New York City, four of which are operated by the Youth Services Division of GoodwillNyNj, and all of which operate in the afternoons and evenings, on weekends, during school holidays, vacation periods, and during the summer.

From ballet lessons to recycling programs to summer camp (with a side of salsa), our Beacon staff, supporters and participants wow us again and again. To help support the kids and families at your local Beacon program, step on over to Goodwill the next time you need to donate your no-longer-neededs. Your donations really do make a difference in other people’s lives. Happy holidays!
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