With the economic downturn of the past few years, charitable donations have dropped dramatically for nonprofits – some leaders even predict it will take charities six years to return to where they were financially in 2007. It’s the Season of Giving and nonprofits are in need; how can you make sure your holiday giving will have the biggest impact possible?

Giving is a gift in and of itself. Here's how to make sure your donations do as much good as possible...

With less than one month remaining in the 2011 tax year, we’re hoping to help you make informed decisions about where you donate, whether it be to Goodwill or to another organization of your choice. Here are a couple of tips to help:

  • Know Your Donation Bin: There are many bins on many street corners – how do you know which really benefit your community the most? Look carefully: you should be able to find a disclosure label on the bin noting the mission of the organization, contact information for the organization, and whether the organization is for-profit, a nonprofit, or a for-profit company collecting donations on behalf of another agency.
  • Find the Facts: It is up to you the donor to be educated about the organizations to which you give.  You can check to see if the organization is a registered charity in your state by confirming with the state attorney general or secretary of state’s office.  Additional information such as how much of their revenue goes to overhead and administrative costs can be found with a charity-rating agency such as Charity Navigator or GuideStar, or online resources such as GreatNonprofits or Philanthropedia.

Now, just so you know our facts:

  • The majority of Goodwill’s revenue is generated by selling donors’ contributions of clothes and household items at Goodwill retail stores and online.
  • 93% of our revenues raised go directly toward supporting and growing critical community-based job-training programs and services in our region.
  • We helped 14,000 people find employment in 2010 alone – that same year, our 18 different youth programs Goodwill’s served more than 14,600 children and families, and we placed over 600 youths in summer jobs.
  • Our stores offer on-the-job training and employment experience to almost 2,200 persons with disabilities.
  • In addition, these stores play an active role in supporting our environmental programs, too, keeping 48 million pounds out of landfills in 2010.

Thank you for giving back no matter where you give, and if you give to Goodwill this holiday season, an extra-special thank you to you!

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