Last month, we were honored to host the United States Army War College at our Manhattan headquarters. It was an event we’d been looking forward to ever since the NY/NJ Executive staff participated in leadership training and professional development at the Carlisle, Pennsylvania elite military institution.

GoodwillNyNj showed the US Army War College how our agency works - and, of course, where the Goodwill goes.

The visit to New York served to fulfill the school’s annual academic field trip required for graduating students to explore firsthand national, international, economic and diplomatic issues through leading organizations here in the city.

During the daylong visit to Goodwill NY/NJ, War College senior U.S. and foreign military officers, and senior U.S. Government civilian executives, along with their respective spouses, met with select executive members to discuss and learn about Goodwill NY/NJ history, rehabilitative, training and job programs, retail and business operations, and the growing future of the organization in an effort to gain strategic level insight through the Goodwill NY/ NJ mission, vision, and leadership philosophy.

Before leaving, both groups exchanged gifts of appreciation to celebrate the budding partnership and mutual hospitality. From Goodwill NY/NJ, each member of the War College group received handmade American flags, which were stitched by clients from a South Florida based Goodwill Contracts shop. On the underside of the flag, the Goodwill emblem is sewn into the fabric.

GoodwillNyNJ's Director of Communications Jose Medellin and our Executive Vice President Karen Means show off the War College's gift Ten Years Later, the Fight Continues.

War College representatives presented Goodwill NY/NJ executive staff with the honor of a commissioned art work titled Ten Years Later, the Fight Continues to be displayed within the Army War College administrative building. The piece, which commemorates the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, is given by the graduating class at the United States Army War College in dedication to those who have been and will be integral to the fight that continues.

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