Along with Goodwill’s Disability Mentoring Day Fashion Show, we had the chance to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month in our stores without requiring a catwalk strut.

For example, last month Robert Lazar, a former VIP client who is now a Dell Reconnect Tech, mentored others as part of Disability Mentoring Day. His mentees were chosen by the Mayor’s Office and were all people with disabilities and strong stories.

Last month the Third Avenue Goodwill was lucky enough to mentor four young men and women: Angelys Andujar, Damase Louis, Paul Molina, and Terrence Wilson. Our Store Manager Gidget did a fantastic job showing off all the tiny parts that make Goodwill shine as a whole.

Alem Blount, one of our star Disability Mentoring Day mentees, shines at the Livingston Store in Brooklyn.

Across the East River, the Livingston Street Goodwill mentored Alem Blount. A natural, she was drawn to the selling floor, already running racks like a pro.

The goal of these tours (beyond meeting great people and having fun, of course) is to show the mentees the product cycle in Goodwill from donation to sales floor and to show them how they, too, can get involved, earn a paycheck and reenter the economic mainstream.

Working with the city, our Goodwill stores mentored seven people in retail, Goodtemps mentored seven for temp employment opportunities, and GoodwillNyNj as a whole conducted a job readiness program for thirty-five at Mayor’s Office.

Thank you for your support – because of it, we’re able to keep spreading the power of work, and, of course, goodwill!

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