What a busy autumn we’ve had here at Goodwill! With both National Disability Employment Awareness Month and the Halloween Window Contest, our schedule was packed. Just in case time flew as quickly for you as it did for us, here’s a look back at some of our favorite goings on this past month:

  • Our Beacon 109 kids developed and implemented their own recycling program, changing the way their school sees trash and empowering them each to play a positive role in their community and the environment.
  • We launched an Intensive Job Workshop Series at the new Eastchester DonationXpress bringing in-depth sessions on making the most of a job search, perfecting one’s resume, and wowing at the interview.
  • Our retail store staff, employees and clients knocked our spooky socks off with their Halloween Window Contest entries – and our fans and supporters turned a scary holiday into a heartwarming celebration of creativity and human services by casting nearly 1000 votes for their favorite stores.
  • We launched a series of salsa classes for Beacon 141 families in Queens as a way to promote togetherness (and rhythm) throughout our community.

Even more happened this past month, and we’ll be showing off some of the other stellar events later this week. Thank you all for your support – we couldn’t do this without you!

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