…the Goodwill Hudson Store! Congratulations!

Our winner, the Hudson Goodwill, stood out for the attention to detail. After all, it's not everyday you spot 2 dozen skeleton masks bordering your local thrift store!

As the store with the most votes in each of our five districts, the Hudson Goodwill and all the other leaders in their districts (listed below) will receive a pizza party for all staff and clients at the store. Great job, all!

Thank you to everyone who voted in the Goodwill Halloween Window Contest – we were amazed and inspired by the turn-out. The Hudson window alone scored hundreds of in-store votes, 90+ LIKES on Facebook, 14 fan comments and a great showing on our Halloween survey – and they weren’t the only store with active, amazing fans. Take a look at the top count:

  •  #1 – Hudson Goodwill in Capitol Region, New York (grand prize winner with 532 votes!)

Thank you all for participating in this contest. Our stores provide job training, income, self-esteem and fun to those previously facing barriers to employment. Thank you for supporting our clients, our staff, our stores and our mission – and our love of Halloween!

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