You’re probably focusing on orange and black for Halloween (and we hope you’re voting for your favorite Halloween Window here: – but there’s always room for green. Our kids at Goodwill Beacon 109 would definitely agree. Take a look:

Recycling is now a daily part of these kids' lives, thanks to their own enthusiasm for a cleaner planet and Beacon 109's support.

Goodwill Beacon 109 participated in the “Lights On After School Alliance Program” this year in support of the importance of after-school programming around the world.  This year the theme was recycling, and so the Beacon kids decided to initiate the “Go Green” Recycling Program.

The kids really took charge. Flyers went out, along with school announcements and personal invitations.  This event was a huge success – so much so that the school and Goodwill Beacon have decided to make this event a continuous one.

Now, on each floor of our Goodwill Beacon 109 school, there is a “Go Green” Recycling Box. Goodwill Beacon 109 will continue to promote the importance of recycling throughout the whole school year. Students throughout the school day will have an opportunity to recycle their cans and plastic water bottles during their transitions to their next class.

The students would love to give a special thanks to Beacon 109 After School Program’s Director Jocintha A. Gordon-Reece, Mr. Biciano from the Dept. of Sanitation and Mrs. Pate, Principal of I. S. 109 for making this event a success. We here at Goodwill would like to thank everyone who sets a positive example for the next generation by recycling and donating to Goodwill. Keep it green, Goodwill fans & have a happy Halloween!

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