Just 12 days til Halloween! Can you tell we’re excited? We’ve been talking costume ideas over at our retail blog A Good Look by GoodwillNyNj, and all the holiday talk got us thinking: beyond choosing a low-carbon costume (i.e. go thrift!), how else can you have a Green Halloween?

One way to go green this Halloween? Grow your own gourds!

Here are some great ideas we found from PlanetGreen and TreeHugger:

  • Give your kids a Halloween bag they can reuse. Find a pillowcase at Goodwill and go to town with puffy paints, and you’ll have a candy-collector they can trick-or-treat with for years to come.
  • For holiday decorations, go second-hand or all natural. You can shop thrift for finds you’ll use for years to come (our stores have a huge variety of lightly-used spooky things right now), or go natural, with gourds from your local farmers market and bright, beautiful leaves from your neighborhood trees.
  • Consider the wrapping of the candy you’re buying. Maybe you can find something tasty wrapped in paper instead of landfill-clogging plastic? Taffy is a good bet, as are some fruit snack pouches.

And our favorite, courtesy of PlanetGreen:

  • Grow your own pumpkins. If you have the space in your yard, this will save you money, teach your kids about nature, and ensure you not only jack-o’-laterns in October but pumpkin pie for your Thanksgiving Day feast.

Do you have any great green Halloween tips we’ve left out? Post them in the comments section below, share them on our Facebook page, or tweet them to us at @NyNjGoodwill. Happy Halloween!

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