Happy Monday! As you settle back to work, we hope you enjoy these photos from last Tuesday’s Goodwill Suits You Disability Mentoring Day Fashion Show, where we paired models with disabilities with a team of top-rate fashion bloggers to show how Goodwill is full of looks perfect for a job well done (especially if that job is acing an interview). Take a look:

Our model Blair shows an edgier side - as an actress making the most of auditions, she was styled by Robin of Thrifty.Vintage.Chic to make her mark.

Our model Yesenia is in work-friendly attire without the stern lines of a business suit. She fell in love with the top, pulled by her stylist, blogger Patrice of Looking Fly on a Dime.

Our model Kim had the pose down pat, and the outfit to prove it, styled by Kimberlee of I Have a Degree in This!

Our model Monica showed how color belongs at work, no matter how grey the cubicle. A Good Look by GoodwillNyNj contributor and stylist Emme brought the rainbow onto the runway.

Our model Jose, styled by Goodwill's retail branch, looked fantastic - after all, he had the most-coveted accessory in the room: his seeing-eye dog Davey.

Megan Lukas, Director, Community Outreach for The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. and her team of stylists provided make-up for the models.

For the full runway rundown of photos, visit our Facebook Page’s new album at http://on.fb.me/gwstrut or the featured stylists’ great posts on the event:

So – what goodwill did you bring with you to work today? And how are you planning on passing it on? We’d love to hear in our comments, on our Facebook Page or via Twitter at @NyNjGoodwill. Enjoy the day!

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