Did you know October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month? If so, well done! If not, well, now you do – and the Library of Congress has a fantastic site full of information all about living and working with disabilities. You can see it all right here: www.loc.gov/disabilityawareness

People with disabilities hold all kinds of jobs - from politicians to inventors to superstars, the sky is the limit.

From Helen Keller to Stevie Wonder, people with disabilities have inspired countless others to reach for the stars. Even the father of invention, Thomas Edison, qualifies as a person with a disability – he went nearly deaf at age 12 and never regained his hearing.

Here at NyNjGoodwill we celebrate the everyday heroes – people who overcome challenges and contribute to society, setting of a chain reaction of empowerment.

If you know a hero working with a disability, we’d love to hear about it! Either post in the comments below, tweet us at @NyNjGoodwill or share on our Facebook Page.

Here’s to our everyday heroes – and here’s to a happy National Disability Employment Awareness Month for all!


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