Mondays got you down? Twirl the day your way with free Latin Dance Class run by Goodwilll program Beacon 141!

Start the week right - with the tango - thanks to Goodwill's Beacon 141!

The Latin Dance Class begins tonight at Beacon 141 in Astoria, Queens and will be held on Mondays from 6pm-7pm. Feel free to pass on the flyer.

For more information on the dance class, call 
 To join Beacon (a free and easy process, giving you and your family information about a whole bunch of services, including Ballet Lessons and Filmmaking for kids), visit

Programs like these, our garden, our cafe, our GED at the MOMA… they all spring from the support of Goodwills fans like you. Thank you for shopping and donating Goodwill! Olé!

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