It’s the last full day of summer – what better time, then, to look back at what our Goodwill’s done this season?

  • Promising dancers in our Beacon program were given ballet lessons to help their chances of admission at New York’s public schools for the arts
  • Our rehab clients launched the 4th Street Cafe, learning the skills they’ll need to go from Goodwill’s programs out into the real employment world – skills like timeliness, responsibility and customer service
  • Our PROS participants grew a garden – with tomatoes, kale and lettuce – while growing their own chances of reentering the workforce after experiencing personal, economic and health disasters

…and so much more, including opening our first DonateXpress and launching a new program for single parents, just to name a few.

If you’d like to help us help others, come donate your no-longer-neededs to a Goodwill near you, shop our stores, and/or join us at our upcoming Goodwill – The Power of Work 5k Walk/Run on October 1st. Hope to see you soon, Goodwill fans!


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