You know what goes good with Goodwill? A cup o’ joe! Inspired by their own progress (and perhaps invigorated by caffeine?), our Rehab clients have begun running a Coffee Station in the back of the cafeteria at our program center.

Cup of coffee with a side of Goodwill? You got it, thanks to the 4th Street Cafe!

The new Coffee Station is a perfect example of how skills acquired in Goodwill’s programs can bloom into real-world opportunities and resume builders. Participants will be selling coffee and tea while learning customer and food service skills to help prepare them for jobs in the community.

We are so proud of our clients and our staff for making this happen – and for ensuring we’ll have a hot cup of coffee to power our Goodwill! And again, as always, it’s your support and donations that allow Goodwill services like our rehab program to exist. Thank you.

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