Hope you all enjoyed a relaxing, restorative Labor Day Weekend! Now that’s it’s officially fall, though, there’s no better time to shape up your resume.

Would your smile be this bright if he were reading your resume? Here are three tips to get the CV in shape...

Our temporary staffing division GoodTemps just posted a fantastic piece on the best way to ensure your CV is working for you. You can see the full article by clicking here, or skim through our highlights below:

Here are some tips:

  • Go through the job description line by line – Any time part of the job sounds like something you’ve done before, add it to the appropriate part of the “work experience” section in your résumé.
  • If the requirements for the job ask for a skill you do not have, find out how hard it would be to learn it. For relatively simple computer programs like Excel and Access, find a free tutorial online with which to learn the basics, and go ahead and add them to the “skills” section of your résumé. GoodTemps offers free online computer skills training for everyone who is registered with the agency.
  • If your résumé doesn’t already start with an “objective” section, add one. Make your objective to be in a job just like the one you’re applying for.

Already have your dream job? What tips worked for you? Please share your best resume-shaping ideas in the comments below, on our Facebook Page or via Twitter (@NyNjGoodwill).

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