This just in: The Donate Movement by Goodwill has kept 2 BILLION pounds out of landfills & helped put 2.4 MILLION people back to work!

Your donations stock our stores - our store sales fund our programs - our programs prepare people to secure jobs - 2.4 MILLION jobs, to be exact. Thank you for making this possible!

Goodwill Industries International’s CEO Jim Gibbons laid out the numbers in his recent column for The Huffington Post:

Consumers are making careful choices about the items they don’t need, but that are still usable. When they donate those items to Goodwill, we sell them to people who want or need them. The money we raise from those sales — $2.7 billion last year — goes to fund valuable job training and community-based services for people who are having trouble finding a job. Last year we provided job training services to 2.4 million people, a 26 percent jump from 2009.

So that two billion pounds of used goods that aren’t clogging up landfills have helped put 2.4 million people on the path toward self-sufficiency. That’s what the Donate Movement is all about.

You can check out the whole article at – and if you want to help turn your no-longer-neededs into jobs, come bring those items to any of our store locations.

You can even see what your donations allow us to do; check out for our interactive Donation Calculator. Thank you for your donations and your support, Goodwill fans!

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