How does Goodwill’s programs and services help your community & the people in it? Well, this blog is full of examples, but here’s a favorite of ours on this Friday afternoon:

PROS is a program here at GoodwillNyNj that works to reduce hospitalization and substance abuse relapse and to help clients reconnect with family, go back to school, and find and keep a job.

Last month, the program added a new tool to getting clients on their way towards rich and meaningful lives – and that tool just happened to be a garden.

Our PROS program is led by Recovery Counselors and Peer Advocates whose job is to help clients get their lives back on track after personal, economic and health disasters.

At the start, there wasn’t much going on in the space – the clients certainly had a blank canvas to start from…

You have to start somewhere...

But soon, with care and nurturing, the garden bloomed.

Squash seeds (sheltered by plastic water bottles), along with peppers and tomato plants begin to take root and flourish.

Today, full crops of sun gold tomatoes are ripe on the vine and ready for picking.

The garden grows noticeably each day - this is just the start of many more tomatoes (and pumpkins and peppers and dill...) to come!

Our team of Recovery Counselors is trained to assist participants in setting and reaching their goals. Recovery Counselors and Peer Advocates assist participants in developing their own roadmap for success.

By providing a comfortable, non-judgmental environment, focusing on one’s strengths and understanding each individuals unique needs,  PROS Rebound is the perfect setting for individuals ready to move towards independence (live productive, healthy lives).

We work with each person to develop a comprehensive plan that includes life skills, social skills, self awareness, stress and symptom management, psychiatric, group and individual counseling, family consultation, creative treatment approaches and supportive services.

PROS Rebound uses Creative Arts Therapy, a unique approach to assist participants grow and rediscover personal interests and abilities. Through Movement, Art, Dance, and Drama. For more information on this Goodwill program, please email us at or post a comment below.

Thank you, as always, for supporting these programs through your shopping and donating choices – we couldn’t do any of this without you!

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