What does Goodwill give a community? It can be as complex as career development programs, summer camp, ballet lessons, support for people with disabilities, and (as you’ll see later this week) a community garden – but it can also be as simple as this… Take a look:

A little while back, filmmaker Taj Lewis joined the Goodwill team. Taj teaches the Goodwill Cornerstone kids how to make a film from soup to nuts. The films all have social awarness bases to them, so while the kids learn the basics of filmmaking, they also learn the about social issues like the power of work, the affects of discrimination, and the importance of community. So far, along with a series of spots, the kids have created a short film along with a preview for it:

To see the full film, please visit http://bit.ly/essaygw

Through Taj’s program, Goodwill gives these kids a chance to work with top notch professionals – an opportunity even films schools can’t guarantee – while opening the next generation’s eyes to their value as artists and as members of society.

Please take the time to pass these videos on to anyone and everyone you think would want to support these kids. We’d love to show our kids that their voices and visions have power. The more views we can get this video, the stronger this message: they do matter, and we are proud to watch them grow.

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