Need a boost this Wednesday? Come see what our Goodwill campers have been up to!

Pool parties!


Sprinkler play!

Not to mention those on-going rehearsals for the hip-hop musical Cool Suit – which debuts tomorrow night, by the way!

Know where your Goodwill goes: our summer camps, like all our programs and services, are possible in large part because of your donations and purchases. The 7-week camps are $150 per child with a sliding scale downward for siblings. No child is turned away for inability to pay. Our camp also provides all campers with lunch and snacks, and breakfast to any student that requests it.

To turn your no-longer-neededs into a child’s amazing summer, come by one of our Goodwill stores to shop and donate, or join us in our 5k Walk/Run fundraiser this October. You can find all our stores by clicking here and sign up for the 5k by clicking here.

Thank you for giving these kids a safe, healthy, FUN experience they’ll never forget!

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