Wonder where your Goodwill’s been going lately? In addition to our job-training services and our other community programs (including the GED prep course that’s sent students to MOMA), your donated winter wear and closet clutter has created a whole new flock of ballerinas!

Your next Goodwill donation might just lead a Beacon kid into a performing arts school, or even the New York City Ballet - how incredible is that?

Queens-based In-Sight Dance Company began offering a free eight-week ballet training workshop for middle school students grades 5th-8th attending the Goodwill Beacon 141 annual Summer Camp earlier this month. To learn more about the students eligible for this program, come see our recent post on Beacon or Beacon 141’s own program website.

If you’d like to see those tutus and tights in action, mark your calendars for the ballet dancers’ mock audition and final performance on August 26 at P.S. 2, located at 75-10 21st Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY 11370.

In-Sight Company dancer Lina Kent and artistic director Leeanne M. G-Bowley developed the syllabus for the Summer Intensive dance program. The program prepares junior high students for auditions to enter performing arts high schools. It introduces students to the rigor of rehearsing and competing at high school level and gives them insight to the audition process.

Since October 2010, In-Sight Dance has offered free after-school and weekend dance classes for Goodwill’s Beacon 141 children during the school year.

“Working with these dedicated students for eight weeks and preparing them for what’s ‘out there’ in the audition world has been extremely exciting,” said Ms. Kent. “Because the program is free, we’re offering the students to train at a pre-professional level when they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity. It is important for arts programs to be easily accessible for all children.”

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