Get smart with art? You bet. This past May, students from Goodwill’s BEGIN Program visited the New York City’s Museum of Modern Art as part our program to prepare English-native language adults working on their GED. With free admission and a private tour, these Level 6 students got more than they bargained for and sharpened their communication skills in the process.

Your support brings art into the center of education. Well done, Goodwill fans!

“The MoMA project teaches students in a kinesthetic way, that is, by making them move their muscles,” comments Lead Teacher Jane Adamo. “Students must decode and comprehend artists’ political cartoons or writers’ poetry in which the message is not spelled out. This requires a deeper sensitivity, just like interpreting modern art.”

The MoMA program helps students to develop the GED skills and to learn strategies that allow them to decode difficult texts. Skills include determining importance, analyzing, inferring, making connections, monitoring understanding, summarizing, and synthesizing.

Begin Employment, Gain Independence Now is Goodwill’s Brooklyn-based welfare-to-work program that provides basic job skills and literacy instruction for adults 19 and older who lack a high school diploma or GED. Sponsored by the New York City Human Resources Administration, BEGIN aims to create career pathways for public assistance recipients. The program provides two days of basic education and GED instruction combined with three days of work experience. Other services include assessment, counseling, case management and referral. HRA referral is required.

BEGIN students attend school two days per week to study Science, Social Studies, Literature, Grammar, Essay writing, and Math at a level consistent with a high school education. Their goal is to obtain GED credentials which function as a high school degree for most colleges and employers.

Do you know someone who might be interested in BEGIN? Learn more about the five-unit MoMA sequence by contacting Ms. Jane Adamo at (347) 436-1807 or


80 Willoughby Street, 9th Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11201

(347) 436-1800

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