Go to the mall or go Goodwill hunting? We know the answer, no question – and it seems local shoppers (and the media!) agree. Take a look at this recent piece on CNBC:

Here's to our Goodwill Hunters!

Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey has been opening stores in higher income areas of the region… Not only are they getting higher-end merchandise through donations (someone dropped off 37 pairs of Ferragamo shoes a couple of weeks ago at the Greenwich location), the stores are attracting higher-income bracket shoppers. [To read the whole piece, just click HERE]

Our stores are growing and our selection is better than ever. Why? We hope it’s because more and more people are seeing the benefits of shopping and donating to Goodwill.

When you shop at our stores and donate to our donation centers, you support reuse, you promote economic stability in your community, you save a ton of money… plus you find 37 pairs of Ferragamo shoes when you thought all you were looking for was a great deal on designer jeans. Who can argue with that? Mallrats? Ha.

Here’s to our amazing team of Goodwill Hunters – thank you all for your support!

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