We’re not breaking any news when we say times are tough. Nearly one out of every 10 people in communities across the nation struggles every day to find work and support their families at a time when the unemployment rate remains stubbornly high.

As members of Congress struggle to reduce the deficit while extending the nation’s debt limit, any deal is likely to cut spending for key federal programs, including those benefiting some of the most vulnerable populations Goodwill serves, potentially limiting your local Goodwill agencies and our community partners ability to help job seekers who are struggling to find and keep jobs.

How can you help ensure Goodwill’s programs continue to help strengthen New York and Northern New Jersey’s communities during these challenging times?

  • Keep donating to and shopping at your local Goodwill, as those proceeds go towards funding our programs and services. To find the Goodwill nearest you, please visit our Guide to GoodwillNyNj or our website’s zip-code store locator.
  • Give a monetary donation to your local Goodwill, the most direct way to support the continuation of Goodwill programs and services in your community. Stop by our website’s Give to Goodwill page to make a donation.

Here at Goodwill, we work to get people back to work. Investing in the workforce system decreases unemployment, reduces reliance on public supports and allows individuals to contribute to our nation’s economic growth.

Come help us make a difference and help us spread the Goodwill. Thank you, as always, for your support – we couldn’t do any of this without you!

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