Here on Where the Goodwill Goes, we show you how the dollars you spend at Goodwill and the items you donate change lives throughout your community… but Goodwill goodness has a whole other dimension, too. What does thrift mean to you? What does value mean? How has living in a consumerist culture affected your life – and what options do you have to make a difference?

How can shifting from our culture consumerism to thrifting change the world? All Thrifty States takes a look...

On June 18th, Jenna Isaacson, a DC journalist and lover of all things thrift, hit the highway for an epic road trip across the United States. Her goal? To document consumerism and the toll it has taken on the nation’s resources and financial stability.

All Thrifty States: A Visual Journey through America’s Collective Closets shows how thrift shopping is not only a choice that is healthy for the planet, but an answer to the consumerism that has pushed Americans’ spending habits to the max.

A born-and-raised thrifter, Jenna is travelling cross-country and treasure hunt at Goodwills in Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Omaha, Seattle, Spokane, and other locations, photographically documenting the goods that can be found at Goodwill stores. Goodwill is pitching in too, sponsoring Isaacson’s transportation, a fuel-efficient RV from Cruise America, and serving as the educational and promotional partner in each of her designated stops.

Jenna intends to raise awareness about the positive aspects of second-hand shopping in local communities, while also demonstrating the benefits of donating, including shrinking landfills, reducing clutter, saving money for municipalities and boosting the economy.

Our All Thrifty States guide left Pheonix last weekend, and you can follow her journey every step of the way on her blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter. We’ll be keeping tabs on the expedition, too, so be sure to check back in here, @NyNjGoodwill and Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey for updates on how something as simple as shifting to thrifting can actually change the world.

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