Have you ever tried to get a job outside your country of origin? The challenge doesn’t stop at securing work visas or citizenship – in fact, that’s just the start of a much longer journey.

“Goodwill, I think, is a good support for us job seekers and also for immigrants to help us to understand how it works here in the U.S.," said Perline Rasoanoromalala in this Voice of America article.

Voice of America takes a look at how Goodwill helps immigrants acquire the job skills they need to find success in the world – from how to shape an American resume (don’t be afraid to promote your skills), to how to sit in an interview (try to look interested, not closed off with crossed arms), to what to wear on the job (suits and dress shirts, purchased with the help of Goodwill vouchers).

Take a look at the video embedded in this article, and remember – all this is possible because of the support of Goodwill fans like you.

For more information on GoodwillNyNj’s programs and services for immigrants, please contact our Services for Immigrant Families at 718.339.0937. This program provides assistance and support to immigrant families to access government benefits and social services. The program also provides information and support to immigrant youth and their parents to enable immigrant youth to succeed in school.

Thank you for your support!

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