Single parenthood can be tough, especially for homemakers who suddenly need to reenter the workforce. A mom or dad can get overwhelmed and defeated just thinking about it, but GoodwillNyNj is here to help. On June 6th, Goodwill is opening a new program for single parents.

“The Goodwill Works program helps displaced homemakers and families by providing more than a job, giving each parent the full set of tools they need to support their family today and in the future,” says Goodwill’s President & CEO William J. Forrester

A new program funded by the New Jersey Department of Labor and administered by Goodwill Industries of Greater NY and Northern NJ empowers displaced homemakers with all the tools they need to find employment, succeed in the workplace and support their families.

Goodwill Works: Strengthening Families through Employment assists single parents with job training and placement, but also helps plan for their continued success. Goodwill Works serves displaced homemakers who need to work after being off the job market for several years. Those single parents affected by life issues such as divorce, death of a spouse, illness, abandonment, domestic violence, or unemployment.

Goodwill Works creates individualized, holistic plans that outline how the job-seekers will gain and retain a job, advance in their career, and ensure long-term financial stability for their family. The program offers homemakers soft skills training: resume and interviewing preparation, and work readiness training. It also provides training tracks for positions in high-demand sectors: Retail/Customer Service, Broadband Academy, and Entrepreneurial Training for parents interested in starting their own business or working from home.

If you or a loved one is interested, please contact us at Goodwill Works, located at 972 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102, phone: (973) 242-2425. Goodwill Works will be open from 12pm-5pm Monday, June 6th and from 8am-5pm the rest of the workweek and every Monday through Friday thereafter.

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    1. goodwillnynj

      Hi Jeanine – The best way to get in touch with the program, Goodwill Works, would be to give them a call at (973) 242-2425 on Monday through Friday (except national holidays) between 8am and 5pm. Thanks for the comment and good luck!


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