Starting tomorrow, Saturday, May 7th and running through Saturday, May 14th, New York University and Goodwill Industries and City Harvest will hold our 4th annual Green Apple Move Out (GAMO) collection drive for NYU Residence Halls.

If you’re a student, keep your eyes open in the NYU neighborhood for our special collection areas, ready and waiting for your gently-used books, clothing and shoes, food (unopened, please), linens, techno-scrap, bicycles, furniture and small appliances.

And if even if you aren’t a student, know that programs like these are made possible by the support of people like you. Ninety-three cents of every dollar we make goes directly back to our programs and services – and a little bit of Goodwill goes a long way. Just last year with this GAMO program, NYU collectively donated some 20 tons of re-usable items to Goodwill Industries, ranging from clothes and blankets to mini-fridges. Over the past four years, the NYU-GAMO collection program has kept over 100 tons of re-usable material out of local landfills.

For more information on NYU-GAMO, come visit Thank you for your support, Goodwill fans!

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