We’re not the only ones delighted to show you where the Goodwill goes – take a look at this great clip from NBC Nightly News:


In fact, in GoodwillNyNj’s region of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey alone, we helped 14,000 people find employment in 2010. At GoodwillNyNj, we place 7 people in jobs every hour of every business day. With our 68 programs located in 32 sites, we serve people living in the 5 boroughs of New York City, Northern New Jersey, Long Island and the Hudson Valley. In 2010, our 18 different youth programs Goodwill’s  served more than 14,600 children and families, and we placed over 600 youths in summer jobs.

We’re not sharing this to say good job to ourselves. We’re sharing this to say GREAT JOB to YOU! Thank you for your support. Your shopping and donating cover 1/3 of our total operating costs and there is absolutely no way we could do a sliver of what we do without your help. Thank you all for giving us your Goodwill. We are honored to pass it on.

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