We need your help: your local New York Goodwill is in danger. We’re asking you to speak up & speak out against state & local budget choices which could severely hurt our human services & community programs. If you’ve ever benefited from a Goodwill program, center or service, or if you know someone who has, come join us at the Who Cares? I Do. Virtual Rally this Monday, March 14th on Facebook and Twitter. To RSVP now, click HERE. For more info, see below:

Visit http://www.whocares-ido.org to get involved, join the rally, & get your voice heard.

Who Cares? I Do. is a grassroots campaign supported by individuals, organizations, businesses, policy makers, philanthropists, and many others who recognize how critical human services are and who want to protect the well-being of real people in our communities by preserving these services.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people across New York receive vital human services from nonprofits. You, your children, your family, friends, and neighbors may be among them. Human services are not only lifelines for people in need; they improve the quality of life for all of us.

Any one of us may find ourselves in need of human services due to unexpected loss of a job, catastrophic illness, natural or man-made disaster, or other life circumstance.

Show that YOU CARE about after-school programs, senior centers, shelter for the homeless, food pantries, assistance for domestic violence victims, mental health clinics, homes for foster children, day care centers, or other critical programs.

Lawmakers will be making tough choices in the weeks and months to come. If we don’t act NOW these programs may disappear. We MUST tell government to allocate adequate State and local resources to all New Yorkers in need of vital services. Tell them YOU CARE about human services!


  • Let your voice be heard and join fellow New Yorkers who are holding government accountable to the needs of our communities!
  • Learn about proposed cuts to lifesaving programs!
  • Share your story about why human services matter to you!

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